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VCU Flute

"I believe in an individualized approach, where students set their goals and we work together to achieve them."

"Thank you SO much for the All State masterclass! My 10th grader attended and loved it!"   -Betsy Crone,  VT flute lecturer 


 “Dr. Easley is a fantastic teacher and was always available to talk and to give advice, whether it was about academics or music.”

-2020 VCU Student evaluation

"Dr. Easley has included music from composers of different backgrounds such as women and POC. In the class presentations, Dr. Easley has also included resources that relate to diversity in music, which has often been dominated by White men."  -2020 Chamber Music Student Evaluation

  The VCU Flute Ensemble at the Depot in Richmond, VA.

To schedule a free sample lesson (virtual or in person) email

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