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I aim to foster exploration, inclusion, and discovery in the studio and classroom.


Now more than ever musicians need to be innovative and versatile. It is my objective to provide guidance in developing these skills so the students can become successful contributors in the field. This holistic approach envelops the mechanics of flute playing as well as cultivating self awareness, so each student takes charge of their own development. The purpose of this process-oriented mentoring is to equip students with the skills to become their own teacher, build autonomy, and successfully forge their own path. 


4 key factors integral to my process are:

Establish goals with a plan for execution

Cultivate the individual

Build tools for success in their chosen area

Facilitate opportunity for distinction

Wholeheartedly committed to the art of teaching, I aspire to continue cultivating success in the studio and classroom.


Audition Tip Documents

VBODA Etude Study Recordings

I’ve never had a professor go so far out of their way for me.

VCU music education student 2022

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