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Recorded with Justin Alexander in Tallahassee, FL, this CD comprises music for flute and percussion. Works by Valerie Coleman, Libby Larsen, Michael Burritt, Marco Alunno, and John Griffin. The CD cover and visual art that inspired the multi-movement Coleman piece is by Sonya Clark.

Recorded with Catherine Garner in Greeneville, NC, this CD features works by Stephen Lias, Daniel Dorff, Gary Shocker, Nicholas Mastripolito, and Jeff Manookian.

“Jimmy Giuffre's "The Side Pipers" is an intense wind-driven movement in the playlist featuring flute played by Tabatha Easley, Marla Smith on alto flute, Daniel Gonet on bass flute, [Darryl] Harper on clarinet, and punctuated by the brushwork of Tony Martucci.” - Bill Gaskins, New York Review

Mark Olivieri is an American composer whose music draws inspiration from jazz and pop genres. Recorded in Geneva, New York, Cheap Suit for flute and piano is a three movement work, including the last movement titled, “Tango for Tabatha.”



You are simply phenomenal and your performance of Amazonia is incredible


What a WONDERFUL recording!!  I love your playing and interpretation from beginning to end!


Your alto [flute] is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm truly getting goosebumps listening to it.


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