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Student Accomplishments


  • 2020 Fulbright Scholar, Hungary

  • Sigma Alpha Iota Women's Scholarship

  • Virginia Merit Scholarship

Schools students have attended:    

  • Eastman School 

  • Oberlin 

  • Florida State University

  • Bowling Green State University 

  • Vanderbilt

  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 

  • Duquesne University 

  • UNC Greensboro 

  • Cole Conservatory of Music 

Competitions which students have won and/or placed:

National Flute Association

  • Young Artist Competition

  • Masterclass Competitions 

  • High School Flute Choir 

  • Collegiate Flute Choir 

  • Professional Flute Choir

Flute Society of Washington

  • Young Artist Competition

  •  Collegiate Soloist

  •  Student Honors

  •  Masterclass competition 

Other Regional Festivals

  • South Carolina Flute Society Young Artist Competition

  •  Hampton Roads Flute Faire Collegiate Competition

  • Richmond Flute Fest High School and Collegiate competitions

Concerto competition winners in:  

  • Pittsburgh 

  • Richmond 

  • Williamsburg 

  • Lancaster, PA 

  • Rochester, NY  

Summer Festivals

  • Aspen Music Festival and School 

  • Aria International Summer Academy 

  • Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival 

  • Madeline Island Music Camp 

  • Interlochen Summer Camp

  • Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp 

  • Marina Piccinini International Flute Masterclass

  • Alexa Still's Summer Flute Academy

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